13 July 2008

Was it worth it?

On our second to last day at Lakeview, I was Inspired with a capital "I". Every year we have a group of campers that goes swimming every day. Tyler noticed this and thought that jumping off the end of the dock just like them would be a FANTASTIC idea. So, we had the bright idea to have me stand on the dock, my mom paddle out in a canoe and between the two of us, Tyler could jump off the dock and we would be able to remain dry. It worked!
So then strikes the inspiration...I thought, OK, if Tyler can do it, maybe I should do it (I've never been one to let a 2 year old show me up). So in I jumped...
Unfortunately, while I was preparing to jump in and handing things to my mom, my sunglasses fell in (thank goodness it wasn't my camera!). Now, were they expensive sunglasses? NO, they were free since I found them at Disneyland. However, they were my favorite! So, since I had already gotten wet and I really like the sunglasses, I decided to stage a rescue. But first I had to ponder the best strategy.
Then, the DARING RESCUE!!!

Tyler helped me celebrate by jumping on me...
Later we celebrated again with 2 of my favorite things...Coffee and Ice Cream!

So, was it worth it? I had an adventure, I proved to myself that I can still tread water like back in my waterpolo/swim team days, I got my sunglasses back and I had fun. I'd say it was worth it!

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