18 January 2011

Blog Reading is Expensive--or "I have no self control"

I have been intrigued by Japanese crafting books for a while now after hearing about how fabulous they are for inspiration on a podcast. Well, yesterday I came across The Sometimes Crafter's blog about the amazing Japanese craft books she recently acquired and I FELL in LOVE with the one known to me only as ISBN 978-4-391-62952-1 (since I don't speak or read Japanese). It was the picture of the projects that got me. I mean, really...who could resist this:
I LOVE the photography, the fun projects and the fresh fabrics that just seem to mesh so well, but not be boring. Perhaps it's because I love the blues and reds, perhaps it's because I love the mix of the traditional (dresden plates) with the modern (houses). I am enamored with the idea that a craft book from another nation that speaks a different language, has an entirely different culture and history from my own could have such similar likes to mine. It makes me think that crafters/sewers really are all kindred spirits and are just a super classy bunch of people. In any case, I now have my very own copy of this fantabulous book winging its way to me from Aichi, Japan (thank goodness for promotional free shipping deals!) and it should be arriving in 3 long weeks...