18 October 2011

Well oiled machine

We are on our way to visit Grandma in Coeur d'Alene, ID and I am mesmerized by the way the ground crew, flight crew and other airline/airport employees work together. It's like watching a dance to see the people guiding the planes in to the terminal and seeing these huge machines stop on a dime.

05 October 2011

It's that kind of day

Today the weather is overcast, rainy and windy. My favorite type of weather!!! It's so invigorating and makes me want to skip in the street wearing wellies and a polka dot rain coat. Since real life is intruding on my dream life, I will content myself with a big mug of hot cocoa... With chili powder and vanilla extract. Nothing by the best for me!

04 October 2011

Awwww. They're friends!

I started Nerd Wars this weekend and the first challenge I chose to tackle was the Colortastic challenge. Basically, any project with two or more colored yarns. I've been longing to learn to crochet for a while simply so I could make granny squares. I find them to be sooooo charming and fabulous! So, I decided this challenge was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. I started on Saturday and it's growing so fast! I'm loving the colors--as Jessie says, "It's a party!"

Since these are totally Jessie's colors, it makes perfect sense that she should make one too! I'm a little sad that hers is almost as big as mine and I started mine waaaay before her, but I'm learning to live with it. (It's not a race, but I'm totally losing!)

The other great thing is that this is a Stashy Sunday project since i've had this yarn just waiting for a prefect project. I think a granny square is just right!