21 July 2008

It's that time again!!!

Time to start the countdown! Pretty much as long as I can remember, I have kept countdowns...To the first day of school (yes, even into college...someday, ask me about my back to school clothes), the first day of Christmas break, the first day of spring break, the LAST day of school...(as a student and then as a teacher) and also, special events....like this one! Today is July 21...when I asked my mom and sister if that day meant anything to them, all I got was a blank stare. Hmmm...OK, maybe I need to be more obvious. My birthday is in 1 month!!! Now, I know that a woman of my advancing age is often times ashamed of her age and doesn't want to celebrate or even acknowledge her birthday...That's not me! I plan to count down the days until I turn 28. I plan to eat cake on my birthday (NOT Carrot, thank you!) and it will have 28 candles! I once read a motivational quote (command?) that said, "Enjoy this moment...for this moment is your life." I plan to live the life I love and that includes a birthday countdown...August 21, here we come!

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