08 April 2013

MCC and Memories

This weekend was the West Coast MCC Sale and it was FUN!  Although this year I knew going in that I probably was not going to be coming home with any quilts because I chose to buy a new spinning wheel instead, I still had a great time eating a delicious tri-tip sandwich, homemade (at someone else's house) berry pie, fresh Fritters, tacos and a teeny tiny amount of homemade ice cream.  I loved getting a chance to see and catch up with people I see very infrequently--mostly we see each other at the MCC Sale, with very occasional smatterings of visiting throughout the year.  The quilts were beautiful, but I worked very hard not to get toooooo attached to any of them since I didn't want to cave in and buy something I hadn't budgeted for.  The food, the quilts, and the people were all amazing, but my all time favorite part about this year's MCC Sale was Tyler.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  It's no surprise that Tanya has a "Tyler is so wonderful" tale to tell.  Honestly, that's not what this is! 

On Friday night, Doug and Tyler came to the MCC Sale with my dad for us all to have dinner together.  While we were in line for food, we ran into one of Tyler's friends from school and karate and his family.  I have really enjoyed getting to know his mom over the past few years as we keep running into each other at schools, karate, vacation Bible schools, summer camps, etc. and Tyler enjoys playing with his friend, Josiah, and his younger brother, Elijah.  After the kids had finished eating together (translation--Scarfing down their food as quickly and efficiently as possible), they left the table to play together in a big grassy area nearby.  I swear, one second there were just the three kids playing and the next second there were 8 kids running around together.  THIS was my favorite part.  The friends and the carefree memories being made. 

I have so many amazing memories from when I was growing up and going to the MCC Sale every year and playing with all my friends that I didn't get to see often.  We would have so much freedom to run around and just check in with parents for food tickets or money for books or whatever and running around like crazy people.  I even remember one year when my friend, Peter Hasegawa, bought an avocado green toilet to put in his bedroom as a fish bowl.  I realize that I do a similar thing at the MCC Sale now, it's just a lot more sedate and there is a lot more discussion on "where are you working now?" "how's your family?"  and other "grown up" talk.  I will always cherish my carefree childhood MCC Sale memories and am so glad that Tyler is having the opportunity to create some of his own.

Here are the boys coming back to the table after running around for a while.  I love how they just casually sling their arms around each other and talk about their time playing.
 Tyler, Elijah and Josiah posing together for an MCC Sale wrap picture.  Boy were they happy (and exhausted).
One of the other fun things about the MCC Sale is that they have a book sale every year.  I feel like God is trying to tell me that He has a plan for me:
(note: As funny as I think it was to find them here, I did NOT buy these books.)

02 April 2013

Nature's Bounty

Last Friday, my friend's mother offered me some strawberries since she had been given more than she felt she could eat. Although I didn't measure or weigh or in any other way document how much I received, I was told that she got four pounds, she gave me half that and then I gave some to my friend to take home with her....I'm pretty sure I brought home about a pound of strawberries. And boy were they delicious! I polished those puppies off on Monday night and then was offered some more. Never one to turn down fresh (and free!) produce, I brought them home with me and ate some for breakfast.  I had the brainstorm to turn some of my remaining bounty into a longer lasting treat. I remember when I was growing up making strawberry freezer jam with my mom and how I loved having it on toast. I cooked this batch up tonight while Ty was doing his homework.
I had just a smidgen of homemade ice cream left to smother with the bit of jam left in the mixing bowl.  Wow!  After making this again, I think it's a great idea for people to homemaker their own condiments every now and again to keep in touch with what goes into their mouth.  2 cups of strawberry moosh to 4 cups of sugar!,,