02 July 2008

General Colin Powell's Laptop...

I love a hot cup of Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte...a while back they were running their "The Way I See It" Campaign where people could submit their ideas, thoughts, philosophy statement, etc. to be printed on the hot cups...My all time favourite that I think every teacher, parent, aunt/uncle, etc. should live by is submitted by General Colin Powell. I decided to post it here for 2 reasons... 1) A lot of the people who may read this blog are either teachers, parents, aunts/uncles, etc. and 2) because I have cut this quote off of about 5 different cups and I keep losing it so if I post it here, I will never have to look it up again.
“All children need a laptop. Not a computer, but a human laptop. Moms, dads, grannies and grandpas, aunts, uncles -- someone to hold them, read to them, teach them. Loved ones who will embrace them and pass on the experience, rituals and knowledge of a hundred previous generations. Loved ones who will pass to the next generation their expectations of them, their hopes and their dreams.”
So, if you have a kid in your life, please sit with them...read to them...love them...and if you don't have a kid in your life...I'll be glad to sit on your lap and you can read to me or tell me about your day (if you're smaller than me...sorry, your legs might fall asleep)

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