31 August 2008

HeeHee....a REAL disclaimer!

*Dramatization. The cartoon shown used SLIMQUICK™ cleanse for 7 days to jump start her weight loss program, then continued to lose weight by adding other SLIMQUICK™ products to her diet and exercise routine. Results not typical. Cartoons lose weight easily. Real people require regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet to lose weight.

I saw this on TBW and it is EXACTLY what I think whenever I see a commercial for a diet shake...or the Rock N' Roll Stepper that is sitting neglected in my living room...Funny thing about that stepper...I haven't lost a single pound since I purchased it...I guess you have to actually use it???

Tyler does own different shirts...

Hahaha...I just noticed that Tyler is wearing the same shirt in the last 3 blog pics that I posted...I swear he has more shirts, I just really like this one!

I've got a job! (sort of...)

I happened to be in the right place at the right time and while discussing my duties as a long term substitute for an RSP teacher out on maternity leave, a 7th Grade AB teacher called in saying that her mother was terminally ill and she would be out indefinitely. (Bad news for her, but good for me). The principal immediately asked me if I would be willing to cover that assignment instead, and being that this is my dream job, I said YES!!! So, that all happened on Friday August 22nd and school started on Monday the 25th. Luckily the room was ready and I knew the other teachers I would be working with (I did the same job, at the same school, at the same time last year for a teacher who quit his job at 4pm the Friday before school started (who does that???) I talked to two of the teachers that I'd be "team teaching" with to find out what they were doing the first day of school so we'd all be on the same page and then had a wonderful, crazy week last week teaching at Granite Ridge Intermediate (the newest CUSD intermediate/HS joint campus). School starts at 7:45 (AM!!!) and teachers are "required" to be there no later than 7:15, but of course since I was late to preparation game, I wanted to be there earlier. The first day I arrived at about 6:50...NOW, for those that know me, that's way before I normally wake up. So I have completed one whole week of 7th grade AB/AVID teaching this year and look forward to more. I am much more organized about it this year (collecting resources, etc.) Last year, I stuffed one of everything I did into a big red folder (where it lived forever). This year I pulled out the red folder, organized it all into a binder and am adding to it as I go this year. If I ever get a permanent job as a 7th grade AB teacher, I am SET for the first few weeks of lessons, etc.

I'm a dork, because one of the things I'm most excited about in my binder is about diagramming sentences.

I am lucky enough to be living with my parents right now, which means that they take Tyler to school in the morning for me ( what poor child wants to get to school before 7am??) and pick him up at lunch time to bring him home for a nap. (Thank you Mom and Dad!!!)

This past week, Tyler switched classes from the 2-3 year olds class with Miss Esperanza as the teacher to the 3-4 year olds class with Miss Pam. He loved his old (former?) teacher, but is really enjoying being a "Honey Bear". He told me yesterday that "Miss Esperanza had babies/little kids (can't remember his exact word) in her class, but Miss Pam had all BIG kids." So let the ego/big kid complex begin...It only gets worse as they get older...

I think Tyler saw too much Olympic Gymnastics because his frequent pose these days looks like this:

23 August 2008

August Rodeo

Tyler's newest "Trick" designed specifically to give me nightmares is one that I apparently (if rumors circulated by my parents and grandparents are to be believed) performed myself as a wee lass. Since a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is even better, I will let them do the talking...

And of course, like any good mother, instead of running to get my child OFF, I ran to get my camera so that I could take his picture WHILE he was doing this! Kinda takes the ooomph out of "Get down off of that coffee table!" now that he's completed this daring adventure, huh?

22 August 2008

Over the river and through the woods...

to Grandmother's house we go...Well, Tyler anyways. Today Tyler went to Grandma Carol and Papa Dale's House and had a blast playing in their sand box.
He also got to eat not one, but TWO popsicles while he was there (grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandkids, right?)

***Editors note: The first picture with Tyler and Grandma Carol was from last week when we went over for dinner. The second picture of Tyler and Grandma Carol was from tonight. Can you tell what they spend a lot of their time doing when Ty is over there? Carol is sooooo patient with him!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Who the heck cries at their own party? I know I didn't. So, for those of you who did NOT keep up with the countdown (shame of you!), yesterday was my actual birthday. It was the seventh anniversary of my 21st birthday! I was lucky enough to have people who love me enough to make me fantastic food...(I'm not sure what the meat market guy's name was, but...) It was a joint effort. Tri-tip, mashed potatoes, sweet corn and fruit...It just doesn't get any better...UNTIL the chocolate cake came out! I also was gifted an amazing bike and there is an add-on bike for Ty to ride along with me.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Doug, Dale, Carol and Erin for their contributions to this awesome gift!

I also got another thing that I LOVE! Kim gave me an awesome granny squares afgan...I love blankets and don't think I could ever have enough.

Don't the colors just make you happy? They are so cheery!

Also, in a move guaranteed to age a person at least 30 years in one day, I learned to knit yesterday! Jessie came by the office yesterday to drop off some knitting books for Kim and me to peruse, but we roped her into actually teaching us right then and there! (poor Jessie never even knew what hit her). There is no photographic evidence of my first ever knittin, but how about my second attempt? Not too bad for a 45 minute lesson, huh? (keep in mind, this took me a couple hours to complete)

17 August 2008

The real use for duct tape...

So, Tyler has been very active of late and I have been exploring alternative parenting strategies. In my "research" I came across the true intended use for duct tape*. Tyler also had the opportunity to try out the Nintendo Wii Skiing game:

Please note his exceptional form and aerodynamically correct stance. He is definitely destined for the Olympics someday. His "training" must have made an impact because when I went in to bed he was sleeping very aerodynamically!

In Tanya News, I am still searching for a full time teaching position (which is becoming a little discouraging with the current budget "crisis"...I say "Crisis" because we seem to have plenty of money for other things, but not enough to hire teachers, give them adequate operating budgets, etc.) There is one more week before school starts so, theoretically, there is still hope. We'll see. I am trying to take the position that if it's meant to happen, it will happen. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

11 August 2008

These Olympics are KILLING me!!!

Could someone please explain to me what it is about the Olympic Games that compel me to watch them obsessively? I have never been one who is interested in watching people row a long skinny boat down a waterway on the other side of the world. Yet, last night (OK, very early this morning), I found myself glued to my TV to watch the rowing...and then women's beach volleyball...and now I sit on the couch watching swimming (OK, a little more reasonable...I did swim through jr. high and high school, but still!) and gymnastics (Men's). I am finding out that there are all these sports that I had NO idea were even sports, much less a sport worthy of being in the Olympics, and I am not able to tear myself away from these obscure sports to put myself to bed like I know I should. Do you think they put subliminal messages on the broadcast that makes people watch these games? And seriously...The commercials? please...

08 August 2008

In defense of August

It has been rumored that August is a month in which nothing happens:
"August is the Mississippi of the calendar.
It's beastly hot and muggy. It has a dismal history.
Nothing good ever happens in it.
And the United States would be
better off without it."
This particular (uninspired) source goes on to talk about all of the bad things to happen in August...Atomic bombs, the start of income tax, WWI, etc. ...and about how August is the only month without a real holiday so "Instead, the other months have shunted onto this weak sister all the lame celebrations they didn't want. Air Conditioning Appreciation Week, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week, National Religious Software Week, Carpenter Ant Awareness Week." (just a small side note...When I read this, I read "Registered Nurse Atheists Week" and I could only think, "Why the heck would they have a holiday week for that???" Guess that shows how prejudiced I am...why shouldn't atheistic Nurses have their own week? )

I would like to speak in the defense of August; many GREAT things happen in August.
World Breastfeeding Awareness Week is in August for starters...
The 2008 Summer Olympics are in August...
Many great people are born in August: Neil Armstrong, Elizabeth (Britain's Queen Mum), William Clark and Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame), Mata Hari, Tanya Blomgren, Eric Bana, Annie Oakley, Maggie Harper, Gary Larson, Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Sean Connery, Leo Tolstoy, Barrack Obama and John McCain...

The misguided author who claims that NOTHING good happens in August and that it should clearly be redistributed obviously did not know that my birthday is in August or else he would not have suggested that my birth date be given to September. What a dork!

And besides, who thinks that a week for Air Conditioning Appreciation is less deserving of celebration than a week for National Week of the Young Child/Family/Dog/Prayer/Hope/Wildlife/Health/Police/Firefighters/Veterans/etc...???

07 August 2008

Lakeview update

So, I really thought that I'd have a lot more time to blog this week, but it seems that I haven't had a moment to sit down to update this...so, here it is! We had fun this week exploring dam #'s 2 and 3. Tyler loved to walk on the concrete ledge, but after walking all the way down and part of the way back, he was a bit fatigued... Tyler learned how to ski. I think his creativity should get a sticker because he came up with this all on his own:
Due to one of the row boats having a small "imperfection", one of our daily outdoor tasks was to remove the water from the bottom of the boat...Please do not call the child labour board because he asked to do it!
We rowed from Lakeview over to Home Creek this week too! (and when I say rowed, I really mean I rowed part of the way there and none of the way back...I told mom that I don't think she's a team player when it comes to rowing, but it turns out we made much better time when I just sat in the front of the boat and kept my hands off the oars...I like to think that it's because I'm such a "Strong" rower, but it's also possible that I am just better as a mascot)

I finally got the chance to try out the snazzy red kayak that Aunt Sue got for her birthday. I must say, I totally rocked!!
And here's a picture I took from the kayak as Ty was getting ready to squirt his poor old mother with his new super squirter (is it me or does he look way too excited?)
One exciting bit of news associated with the purchase of and subsequent obsession with this new super squirter...here's the teaser, what's-different-between-these-pictures clue...
Now, if you are super observant, or if you were there, you will have noticed that in this second picture where Tyler is "reloading" his clothes and hair are soaking wet. Yes folks! My child fell in the water...umm...twice...All I can say is "Thank God that we a)purchased a lifejacket that is super secure and b)he was wearing it when he fell in." It did my little mommy heart proud to see Tyler (me sitting in the kayak remember) kicking his little legs and just hanging out waiting for a hand out. He didn't really panic (other than that the water was cold so he kinda lost his breath) and as you can see in this picture, he didn't let the fall get the better of him...He went right back for more!

Also, while making dinner tonight, I discovered the ONLY way to cook bacon...

The only thing that could have made this dangerous task less risky is if I could have gotten my hands on a beekeepers suit that would have allowed me total protection!

03 August 2008

We're baaaaaaaack...

We are back at Lakeview this week and so far it's been fun...
So far, we have:
--- roasted some more marshmellows(if you look very closely you will notice that there is no need to be alarmed that this campfire is in the middle of the road because there is also no fire)

---taken the Paddle Boat out for a spin around the lake
---and gotten a biology lesson on the reproductive and life cycles of earth worms
Look in the days ahead for thrilling updates on our time spent at 7,000 feet!

Yay! It's finished!!!

I finally finished my rag quilt! I started it in January and have worked on it in fits and starts, but it is now complete (Just in time for the middle of summer). I think I was channeling my mom when I picked out the colors, but they sure do make me happy to look at them...