08 November 2013

Unexpectedly Inspired

One of the things I do for my job is to order parts, software, licenses, etc. for clients.  The website of a technology distributor is probably one of the least likely places to find yourself inspired, but today I logged in and this is the sight that greeted me:
Wouldn't the box design for this product make a perfectly fabulous quilt block?  I love the colors they have chosen and the pattern they placed the triangles into.  I envision this being a block that you make 12 ish of, smoosh them all together in mixed up orientation and call it a quilt.  Bind it with that deep grape color and be happy.

Who's with me?!?

06 November 2013


 We had a great group for Crafternoon this past weekend with very diverse crafts being represented. 
Maggie and Aly were doing some quilting.  Maggie has a very precise way of pinning pieces of a quilt together to ensure that they don't shift and that the seams you want to line up are in fact aligned.  She taught Aly this pinning method this weekend and as you can see, they're both pleased with the results!
 Keva decided to join the group and keep herself close to the action!  Mom was laughing because she's really the perfect crafting dog.  She's quite content to lay around while everyone crafts.  
 Kim was working on a knit washcloth.  Interestingly enough, she stated what many crafters probably feel.  This wash cloth is taking way too long; if it were a blanket square it would be different....even though it's the same exact work, for some reason it seems more worth it.  She happens to fit quite comfortably in Tyler's chair so she got the squish chair! 
 I worked on spinning some fantastic fiber that I received in a Mad Color Fiber Arts Geek Tour shipment. 
It's based off of an episode of Doctor Who called "Blink" in which there is the most perfect pick up line ever...."Life is short and you are hot."  I swear, if any guy ever tried to pick me up with that line, I'd fall in a heart beat. 
Aren't the colors fantastic?!? 
 Here I am tucked away at my spinning wheel making great progress.
And this is what the singles are looking like.  I'm trying to keep the colors together on the bobbin because it pleases me to see them all lined up in sections.
 Gary got the other squishy chair and was working on knitting the most lovely green shawl. 
When Aly first walked in the door with her sewing machine and sewing supplies I swooned.  She uses this vintage suit case to keep all her project and supplies together in one fantastic kit. 
 Maggie is working on a machine applique block for a quilt for Aunt Lois.  I tell ya!  Machine Applique takes the patience of Job.  It takes For-Ev-Er to get one block done...But the results are stunning!

Like any good Crafternoon, we had food!  There was an egg, potato, cheese casserole, Cheetoes, Oreos, chocolate bundt cake, orange juice and cranberry juice.  Yum!  But the real treat came in the form of poached pears with fudge sauce over top.  I have never had anything poached before, but now I'm a convert!  Gary has great cooking skill and flair so even though I hadn't had poached pears before I knew I'd be thrilled to eat them. 
 He even put together a fantastic presentation!  They say the eye eats first, but I'm pretty sure my taste buds were the real winners here.

Here is the progress I had made by the end of the day on my stripey yarn:
 Not quite as tidy on the color chunks as earlier in the day, but I'm still very happy with how it looks!