17 April 2009

And the Envelope, Please...

It is not every day that I am excited to go to the mailbox...yeah, it's kind of a fun outing when you have been sitting inside all day and need an "approved" destination and yeah, it's great to see all the sale ads that inevitable show up, but...THIS day was a day that I was absolutely giddy to retrieve my mail. Why would I be so excited on a certain day? Why, funny you should ask! I knew what was coming! About a week before, I had learned of a very exciting event that was in the works and that the invitation was being hand crafted and then posted. That same day I was talking to another invitee and she said that hers had already arrived. I would have to ask the neighbors to be sure, but I'm pretty sure I nearly pranced to the mailbox. And my prancing was NOT for nothing!!! When I got to the mailbox, here's what I saw!!!!
Black Envelopes!!! Some may be asking, "Umm...what's so exciting about black envelopes?" And it's not just the envelope that's special, it's that it is written to my from my book boyfriend (who is quite different from my Starbucks boyfriend, my many movie boyfriends and my other various boyfriends) Jacob Black!
And the other great part about the envelope? It was postmarked in FORKS, WA which is where the majority of the Twilight novels take place...Oops...for those who missed the Jacob Black reference, this envelope is Twilight embodied...
Now, if I was this excited about the envelope, how about the awesome inside?
I had a picture of the inside too, but it has someone elses address on it with their name and I'm not sure how they feel about having it posted. BUT if you are interested in seeing more about the creation of these works of art and teaser for a super fun party, see Jessie's post here.
The invitation to the party says that we're going to be taking book cover photos and recommends that we wear black with red accents...I have tons of black, not so much red....Time to go shopping!

09 April 2009

Rock Solid, Heart Touching

Ummm...Yeah, a computer hardware company has a slogan that says "Rock Solid, Heart Touching"...Can anyone tell me how a piece of network equipmant can be heart touching? It's as if the company was sitting around their conference room table brainstorming ideas for they new catch phrase and they wanted to make sure to include their whole audience so chose something that would appeal to me AND women...so...the next time you need your heart touched, think of Asus!