27 April 2010

All the good ones are foreign

One of the shows I've been watching lately on my streaming Netflix is "Legend of the Seeker." Now, I know I specifically mentioned BBC shows and this is not BBC, but it's still very good. The show is about a guy, Richard Cypher, who (basically) has to save the world from an evil King. Typical story, but highly entertaining. He is helped along his way by a Wizard of the First Order who has wild, crazy, Einstein-ish hair and a Confessor named Kahlon who is a totally kick-@$$ fighter. While I genuinely enjoy the story, and I am enamored with all the characters, Richard Cypher (Played by Craig Horner, an Australian Hunk) is my favorite to look at. See?

And in case you think I think he's only a hottie because of his spectacular muscles, here he is in real life(well, as real as an actors headshots are anyway):

26 April 2010

You'll like these mom!

We were shopping at Target this weekend in the dollar section. As I was walking around to look at the different items, I heard Tyler's voice ring out, "You'll like these Mom! It's yarn!" When I went to see what he was talking about, he was holding out two packages of twine! He dropped two in and said, "Here, you can buy two skeins!" But then later decided that I needed a third skein.

Then on Sunday evening Tyler was getting ready for bed in some flannel puppy pajamas when Auntie Kiki told him he needed to watch out or his pajama puppies might bite him. His reply? "Nonetheless, I'll be too High!" (which has nothing to do with an altered state as a result of herbal enhancements and everything to do with altitude) When I asked him where he had heard the word "nonetheless" he replied that it was from Knitting Podcast, of course.

Of course...

These two events, occurring so closely together and fresh in my mind, make me contemplate the external influences that can make an impact in the life this small being whom God has charged me with raising. Just a small reminder to continue to expose Tyler to the good things in life and try to shield him (as much as possible!) from the bad things in life.

15 April 2010

Netflix has opened my eyes

I recently purchased a new DVD Player at Costco. My primary reason was because it had the ability to play Blu Ray AND DVD. Another handy little feature it had that I figured I would make use of, but wouldn't play a huge role in my life was that it would stream Netflix movies straight to my TV instead of having to watch on my computer. WELL boy was I wrong! This feature has changed my life! (haha...too dramatic?) I have been using the streaming Netflix to catch a few shows that I haven't been following (since I don't have cable). And Let Me Tell YOU! My eyes have been opened to a whole new world...The world of BBC Shows. Don't get me wrong, I've long been a fan of BBC Shows such as MI-5(Spooks) and their Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. But now I have some new favorites. I know there are many reasons why people watch a TV Show. Erika (at the office) teases me about the fact that one of the reasons I am willing to watch a show or movie is because of its cast members. Over the next few posts, I will let my loyal followers (all 4 of them!) in on some "Show Revues".

09 April 2010

Curb Appeal

When I bought my house last July, it had the makings of good curb appeal, but only if you had a really good imagination. The house itself is quite cute. I love the symetry of the two large front windows and the color of the paint. I am really glad that I have a sidewalk and a grassy section right next to the street that's separate from my actual yard. I did NOT love those ugly palm trees. I absolutely detest palm trees. If you have palm trees (and you are happy about it) then I think you're crazy, but that's your style. Immediately upon moving in, those suckers got taken out. (Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of that...)

For Christmas, my parents bought Tyler some trees for the front yard. Now, this is a boy who doesn't forget anything and is quite possessive. He frequently reminds me that those are HIS trees. This spring, I decided that I was going to start planting to cover the chain link fence so that when I looked out those front windows, I would see plants instead of fence. So, I dug out a 3 foot garden strip all along the fence. That inspired my neighbor, Jose, to come talk to me about taking out my front lawn (really, all weeds) and replace it with sod. He said it would be no problem for him to replace my weed lawn with a real lawn. I said, "Oh no, to dig that whole thing out would take forever! It took me three days to dig out just this little bit." His response? "Yes, but you are a girl." So...he and his guys dug out about 5 times the amount of grass in one morning as what I took 3 days to dig out for my garden strip. But it looks great!

Nice and clean. Like a blank slate just waiting for weed free grass. The next day, he put in the sod and it looked even better! I'd say that the yard is coming along quite nicely!

05 April 2010


When we were reading our bedtime story tonight, Tyler told me that these deinonichus dinosoars weren't hunting so they could eat this other one....they are just playing tag....and the one deinonychus to the far left of the page is the one that's "It". Yep...Tag.