24 July 2008

I find myself with lots of spare time today

So, to begin...my sympathies for my faithful readers...I seem to have a lot of time on my hands today and so feel completely justified in posting one random blog today. Now for those who are thinking (hopefully to themselves instead of out loud) "Aren't all her posts pretty random?" JUST WAIT!

Last night I went to see Dark Knight. Awesome movie, freezing theater! I was wearing a tank top, which is great in the summer heat. It's NOT so great in a theater when you are sitting right under the vent.

Last week I asked my dad to install Bible software on my Palm Centro phone and the only way he was able to get it to work was to install it first on his computer and then sync my phone with his computer. Yay!! Bible to carry everywhere on my phone. Boo!!! HIS calendar synched onto my phone so I had to go into all the days that he had anything on his schedule and delete it. I never realized quite how many things my poor dad has on his calendar every day until that point. YAY!! Payback's a ...booger...Today (and apparently all this week) Dad's phone alarm went off at dinner time. The event? Music at Sierra Vista. The significance??? That was on MY calendar and is now on HIS phone. The funny part? I put alarms on all of my events so now he has to go onto his calendar to delete those things. HaHaHa...I think I have a touch of wicked in me because I think that is completely funny.

Did you know that a 2 year old can be signed up on the library's summer reading program and they can take their reading log in to the library to get prizes? Our log looks like this..."Can't you Sleep Little Bear?"..."Can't you Sleep Little Bear?" ..."Can't you Sleep Little Bear?"...well, you get the idea...Tyler likes to re-read...Yesterday we were reading it for a nap story. First page starts out like this (sadly from memory) "Once there were two bears. Big Bear and Little Bear. Big Bear is the big bear and Little Bear is the little bear." (next to this is a picture of a big bear and a little bear walking through the snow in the forest) So Tyler says, "Sometimes we call Big Bear Mother Bear." Me..."Oh???" And I keep reading. "Big Bear and ..." Tyler, "NO...sometimes we call Big Bear Mother Bear." Me (with the lightbulb above my head), "Do you want me to call Big Bear Mother Bear while I read the story to you today?" Him:"Yes!!" So we did...Dang my kid picks out long bedtime books...

I seem to have more time to people watch while I'm driving now with this new "hands free" law...the funniest thing to see? People reading their newspaper/magazine/etc. Umm...we have a law on the books about using phones, but nothing that says that you may not read while you are driving your car? hmm...I love America.

and now for the obligatory, a blog-post is not complete without pictures section of this post...About a month ago Aunt Lois was out here from Texas and we had a lovely brunch...

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