16 September 2008

I am a gardener!

sort of...Mom, Dad, Kim and I went down to Reedley to help Grandma out with her yardwork and housework that she has been unable to complete with the use of only one of her arms...see how nicely trimmed those roses and strawberry plants are? yep...that was me!

Tyler and I also went to the Fresno Highland Games on Saturday to watch the dancers (and so I could get some jewelry!)

There was even a little boy dancer who was probably about 6 or 7...Tyler was most impressed with him..."Mama...Do you think I could dance like these dancers when I get older?" Ummm...sure honey...I'll start saving my money now because I'm pretty sure those outfits cost a fortune!

And on the knitting front...I have completed one slipper...Tyler was less than impressed...when he found out there was only one, he moved on to bigger and better things...he's not much on delayed gratification! (Oh, and it's about an inch and a half too long for him!)

I completed one blue hat...sewn up and everything!...super cute...however, since it's destined to be a gift, I am not showing a pic yet...soon though!

And I also started one very awesome red wool-ish hat that has super cool spiral ribbing...which is all mine!! so pics are included of progress...

12 September 2008

I'm a free agent...unfortunately

I applied for, interviewed for and was rejected for a position as a 7th Grade Academic Block (Language Arts and World History) Teacher...I know that God has a plan for everyone's life and I learned from Maria VonTrapp that when God closes one door, he will always open a window and that if we ever want to make God laugh we should just tell Him our plans, and all those other catchy little phrases designed to help a rejected person feel better...but it still stinks to lose out on a chance at a great job.

On a more positive note--I am going great guns on my knitting...I have one hat almost done (all it needs now is to be sewn from a flat piece of knitted fabric into a shapely hat), a second hat 1/2 way knit and one small yellow slipper nearly completed. I have learned that I do not really follow a pattern well. Rather than thinking of myself as a "crappy pattern follower" I choose to view myself as an innovative, creative, free-knitting improviser. It's working for me so far...but let's see if the same holds true for when I try knitting a cable.