30 July 2011

Arrrrr Me Mateys!

You know how sometimes parents are sooo excited about having a kid so that they can play with kid toys without feeling silly or go to kid movies without people giving them a hard time? Yeah...I'm glad to have a boy child because it means I have an excuse to do Piratey Things. (Which makes me think of Veggie Tales). Last night I started a new quilt and although I'm claiming that "it's for Tyler...", I really mean that I bought the fabric because I liked it and it makes me happy each time I see it. I love the blues, greens and reds together...So fun!
The line of fabric is called "Pirates" and it is super piratey. Ships, skulls, pirate sayings, etc. So far I have 9 out of 20 blocks completed, which I consider great progress considering that I spent about 2 1/2 hours on it and I was watching a movie so spent a portion of that time distracted.

29 July 2011

Dress Code

Here's one of the "dangers" of going sample sale shopping with people that you work with. Every now and then you show up to work with the same shirt on as your coworker. Unfortunately, I didn't get one of these same shirts or else we could have written it up into our dress code!

And, as fun as it is to have two coworkers dressed alike, it is nowhere near as fun as the time when we were touring Europe and five out of the seven of us assembled in the lobby of our hotel wearing VERY similar outfits and didn't even notice until we were walking in a line down the streets of London. (Give us a break--we were very tired and it was very early.)

26 July 2011

My kinda racy adverts...

We were reminiscing today about our trip to Europe waaaaaay back in 2002 and remembering this Beer advertisement we saw whilst riding the London Underground. I wish we saw more of this kinda ad here in the States...it's so much funnier and classier than the kind of commercials we get.

25 July 2011

On the Catwalk...

I was so excited to receive the call on Saturday morning that my "Yellow Brick Road" quilt was done being quilted that I popped out of bed (this kind of wake up call is welcomed) and tried to rush right over to get it. I ended up waiting until noon to go, but WOW! I love it!! There is just something special about seeing a quilt that you've created using all fabrics that you adore and put together with the backing finally quilted up. It's the time when you get to fall in love with your craft all over again. The time when you get to realize your vision of the project or adjust to a shifted vision. In this case, the quilt that I've been working on (sporadically) for so long is one step away from being completed and on my bed.

In the showing off of this quilt, I had a model auditioning for his turn on the catwalk. What do you think? Paris bound?

I just LOVE the angles of the quilt pattern juxtaposed with the swirly curviness of the quilting design. Perfect!

14 July 2011

Inspired to Cook

After reading Jessie's blog post about all the fabulous things she's been cooking up, I was inspired to step outside my cooking comfort zone...I cooked up some garden fresh zuchini, yellow squash and egg plant. I added onion, garlic, lemon pepper and cashews for a zip of flavor. It was deliscious!!! I ended up getting more of this than of the pulled pork and rice that we were eating with it.

13 July 2011

A competitive streak...

All my life, I've been told I have a big mouth...usually this is in reference to my volume--I have NO inside voice. Now that Tyler is around, I am told that he could give me a run for my money. This past weekend, while Uncle Gary, Aunt Carole, and cousins Hannah and Jake were here for the day, we got talking and each thought we needed to defend our honor so we had a big mouth contest. Who's the winner???

06 July 2011

What do you get...

When you have a boy who wants to be helpful and the rejection statement that "this is a cleaner and you have to be wearing gloves to use it"?There. Problem solved.