02 June 2011

Real Men Wear Aprons

Tyler and I took advantage of a rare Saturday morning with no committments to bake some Cherry Chip muffins (muffins have no frosting even if they're made out of cake mix wink wink). Usually Tyler is content to just stir the mix a bit and then take care of the clean up--Surely I'm not the only mother who lets her kid lick the beaters, right? However, on this day, he wanted to take care of it all on his own from the cracking to the measuring to the mixing and finally putting the batter into the cupcake papers. He took his job very seriously and assured me that he would be able to cook much better in an apron. So we found one that would work for his needs and he set off! And he took great pride in a job well done. I think he even ate 1/2 of one muffin before remembering that he's not a huge fan of cakes.

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JHRME said...

Fun! What a big kid! All by himself an everything!