06 June 2011

A Very Merry unQuilt Camp For ME!!

Usually when referring to Quilt Camp, I would be talking about the Quilt Camp we do up at Huntington Lake at Camp Keola. But just as in Alice in Wonderland they celebrated unBirthdays, I am dubbing this one the unQuilt Camp. In March of this year, Mom and I were invited to join a group of other quilters who were renting a cabin at Shaver Lake to spend a wonderful weekend filled with fabric, food, jokes and the like. It was a marvelous time! I finished my first ever quilt top (above) and also my third ever quilt top(below)

Somewhere in between all that finishing up of lingering projects, I made the backing of my second ever quilt and worked on another quilt that I started at last Quilt Camp (the real one!).

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JHRME said...

Hah first ever, third ever! Too funny!