17 June 2011

Sew Crafty...

I've been doing a little crafting lately. I'm currently intrigued by the whole concept of a mug rug. The idea that you can put your snack and your drink all on the same oversized coaster is interesting...but more interesting is the whole Mug Rug craze. There are mug rug swaps, vast amounts of mug rug tutorials and Flikr pics galore. Well, who am I to buck the trend? At first I thought these folks were clearly crazy, but after a very informal survey amongst my friends about if people still even use coasters, I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about. Using this tutorial, and my handy dandy Dresden Plate cutting thingy I crafted this one here:I am completely and utterly charmed! I can see how this could become addicting because you can make it in just a wee bit of time and it's a great way to try out patterns and color/fabric combinations without the investment of a whole quilt. This particular one went to live with a teacher friend who I imagine using it after all her bouncing students go home for the day while she's enjoying some hot tea and fresh scones. Shh...It's my imagination...let's not ruin it with trivial things like reality.

I also made this cute little pleated pouch using this tutorial. I learned a lot from this project. It's been a really long time since in put in a zipper, and never before in a zippered lined pouch. I love the way it turned out and although this one is not mine to keep, I feel that I MUST make one to keep for my very own.

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JHRME said...

I've never actually looked up the dimensions o a mug rug! I thought they were coaster sized!