08 June 2011

Quilting in the 30's

Long, long ago we did a 1930's Friendship Quilt. In case this is a new concept, it's where a bunch of people get together and agree to make a bunch of the same block using certain unifying parameters and then you all trade your blocks around until everyone has one of each person's blocks. In this exchange, we had 12 ladies and were all making blocks out of 1930's reproduction fabric using the Chips and Dip block pattern. Well...FINALLY, and only with the urging and inspiration from seeing my cousins, Jessica and Valerie, handquilting their exchange quilts (picture of one on Jessica's blog here)and my mom piecing together the top that will be donated to Mennonite Central Committee's annual quilt auction. During our Monday Night Quilting, Jessica sketched out a few possible settings for my 12 blocks. I picked the one I liked the best (after seeing it a declaring it the BEST EVER!) and then the whole group worked splendidly to put it together. Here it is in all it's glory!!
And here's the team of magicians that made it all happen:


girlyhurley said...

I'm a little jealous of these fabulous looking quilts. I want to do a friendship quilt!!!! Next time. ..

JHRME said...

Um, I really like that picture of us!! Should we start planning another friendship quilt? I heard of a cool theme called bOx of crayons... That's right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

Yay yay yay!!
Great team!!