31 May 2011

Disneyland and a sneak peek!

My family has had a longstanding love of all things Disney. I wouldn't say we were "Over the Top" Fans...but we have spent a LOT of time there over the years. In fact, when my sister, Kim, was attending UC Irvine we had season passes.

This year for Christmas I decided to buy Tyler tickets to Disneyland and I am soooo glad I did because I saw a lot of this: That look of wonder is worth every penny scrimped and saved for the tickets. As he grows older, he is wowed by different things, but Disneyland has the ability to wow people of all generations.

One interesting turn of events for this Disney adventure was that originally the plan was for my whole family to go--but then Dad had foot surgery less than a week before we were scheduled to go and wasn't able to make it. Kim decided to stay home to help him out, but Mom was still up for the adventure. Mom, however, had broken her foot right after Thanksgiving and was still in a cast. Soooooo...we did Disneyland like this:
With me getting a great work out pushing the wheelchair filled with Tyler, Mom, crutches, snacks, jackets, etc. For all those years that I thought it would be just great to have someone in my group in a wheel chair, I take it back!!! Disney has done a great job (darn them) of making nearly everything wheel chair accesible, which means that even if you're in a wheel chair you wait in line with the rest...There were a few rides which we got to go to the front of the line for, but for the most part...the wheel chair was quite tricky.

We got some good Mother/Son pictures:

It was a great trip and it was especially nice to be on the trip with Tyler and my mom because we were able to make the trip all about Tyler and what he wanted most. Every kid's fantasy!
One of my favorite non-people pictures is this one that we took at California Adventures at night:

I love the way that the colors on the wheel are so bright, cheery and inspiring.

In fact, it was that color wheel that inspired me to buy this fabric:
Which will turn into a quilt project that looks a wee bit like this:

More to come on that later!!

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JHRME said...

Ahhh I love that fabric! It looks so good! One in every color!