11 August 2008

These Olympics are KILLING me!!!

Could someone please explain to me what it is about the Olympic Games that compel me to watch them obsessively? I have never been one who is interested in watching people row a long skinny boat down a waterway on the other side of the world. Yet, last night (OK, very early this morning), I found myself glued to my TV to watch the rowing...and then women's beach volleyball...and now I sit on the couch watching swimming (OK, a little more reasonable...I did swim through jr. high and high school, but still!) and gymnastics (Men's). I am finding out that there are all these sports that I had NO idea were even sports, much less a sport worthy of being in the Olympics, and I am not able to tear myself away from these obscure sports to put myself to bed like I know I should. Do you think they put subliminal messages on the broadcast that makes people watch these games? And seriously...The commercials? please...

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