08 August 2008

In defense of August

It has been rumored that August is a month in which nothing happens:
"August is the Mississippi of the calendar.
It's beastly hot and muggy. It has a dismal history.
Nothing good ever happens in it.
And the United States would be
better off without it."
This particular (uninspired) source goes on to talk about all of the bad things to happen in August...Atomic bombs, the start of income tax, WWI, etc. ...and about how August is the only month without a real holiday so "Instead, the other months have shunted onto this weak sister all the lame celebrations they didn't want. Air Conditioning Appreciation Week, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week, National Religious Software Week, Carpenter Ant Awareness Week." (just a small side note...When I read this, I read "Registered Nurse Atheists Week" and I could only think, "Why the heck would they have a holiday week for that???" Guess that shows how prejudiced I am...why shouldn't atheistic Nurses have their own week? )

I would like to speak in the defense of August; many GREAT things happen in August.
World Breastfeeding Awareness Week is in August for starters...
The 2008 Summer Olympics are in August...
Many great people are born in August: Neil Armstrong, Elizabeth (Britain's Queen Mum), William Clark and Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis and Clark fame), Mata Hari, Tanya Blomgren, Eric Bana, Annie Oakley, Maggie Harper, Gary Larson, Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Sean Connery, Leo Tolstoy, Barrack Obama and John McCain...

The misguided author who claims that NOTHING good happens in August and that it should clearly be redistributed obviously did not know that my birthday is in August or else he would not have suggested that my birth date be given to September. What a dork!

And besides, who thinks that a week for Air Conditioning Appreciation is less deserving of celebration than a week for National Week of the Young Child/Family/Dog/Prayer/Hope/Wildlife/Health/Police/Firefighters/Veterans/etc...???

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