31 August 2008

I've got a job! (sort of...)

I happened to be in the right place at the right time and while discussing my duties as a long term substitute for an RSP teacher out on maternity leave, a 7th Grade AB teacher called in saying that her mother was terminally ill and she would be out indefinitely. (Bad news for her, but good for me). The principal immediately asked me if I would be willing to cover that assignment instead, and being that this is my dream job, I said YES!!! So, that all happened on Friday August 22nd and school started on Monday the 25th. Luckily the room was ready and I knew the other teachers I would be working with (I did the same job, at the same school, at the same time last year for a teacher who quit his job at 4pm the Friday before school started (who does that???) I talked to two of the teachers that I'd be "team teaching" with to find out what they were doing the first day of school so we'd all be on the same page and then had a wonderful, crazy week last week teaching at Granite Ridge Intermediate (the newest CUSD intermediate/HS joint campus). School starts at 7:45 (AM!!!) and teachers are "required" to be there no later than 7:15, but of course since I was late to preparation game, I wanted to be there earlier. The first day I arrived at about 6:50...NOW, for those that know me, that's way before I normally wake up. So I have completed one whole week of 7th grade AB/AVID teaching this year and look forward to more. I am much more organized about it this year (collecting resources, etc.) Last year, I stuffed one of everything I did into a big red folder (where it lived forever). This year I pulled out the red folder, organized it all into a binder and am adding to it as I go this year. If I ever get a permanent job as a 7th grade AB teacher, I am SET for the first few weeks of lessons, etc.

I'm a dork, because one of the things I'm most excited about in my binder is about diagramming sentences.

I am lucky enough to be living with my parents right now, which means that they take Tyler to school in the morning for me ( what poor child wants to get to school before 7am??) and pick him up at lunch time to bring him home for a nap. (Thank you Mom and Dad!!!)

This past week, Tyler switched classes from the 2-3 year olds class with Miss Esperanza as the teacher to the 3-4 year olds class with Miss Pam. He loved his old (former?) teacher, but is really enjoying being a "Honey Bear". He told me yesterday that "Miss Esperanza had babies/little kids (can't remember his exact word) in her class, but Miss Pam had all BIG kids." So let the ego/big kid complex begin...It only gets worse as they get older...

I think Tyler saw too much Olympic Gymnastics because his frequent pose these days looks like this:

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