07 August 2008

Lakeview update

So, I really thought that I'd have a lot more time to blog this week, but it seems that I haven't had a moment to sit down to update this...so, here it is! We had fun this week exploring dam #'s 2 and 3. Tyler loved to walk on the concrete ledge, but after walking all the way down and part of the way back, he was a bit fatigued... Tyler learned how to ski. I think his creativity should get a sticker because he came up with this all on his own:
Due to one of the row boats having a small "imperfection", one of our daily outdoor tasks was to remove the water from the bottom of the boat...Please do not call the child labour board because he asked to do it!
We rowed from Lakeview over to Home Creek this week too! (and when I say rowed, I really mean I rowed part of the way there and none of the way back...I told mom that I don't think she's a team player when it comes to rowing, but it turns out we made much better time when I just sat in the front of the boat and kept my hands off the oars...I like to think that it's because I'm such a "Strong" rower, but it's also possible that I am just better as a mascot)

I finally got the chance to try out the snazzy red kayak that Aunt Sue got for her birthday. I must say, I totally rocked!!
And here's a picture I took from the kayak as Ty was getting ready to squirt his poor old mother with his new super squirter (is it me or does he look way too excited?)
One exciting bit of news associated with the purchase of and subsequent obsession with this new super squirter...here's the teaser, what's-different-between-these-pictures clue...
Now, if you are super observant, or if you were there, you will have noticed that in this second picture where Tyler is "reloading" his clothes and hair are soaking wet. Yes folks! My child fell in the water...umm...twice...All I can say is "Thank God that we a)purchased a lifejacket that is super secure and b)he was wearing it when he fell in." It did my little mommy heart proud to see Tyler (me sitting in the kayak remember) kicking his little legs and just hanging out waiting for a hand out. He didn't really panic (other than that the water was cold so he kinda lost his breath) and as you can see in this picture, he didn't let the fall get the better of him...He went right back for more!

Also, while making dinner tonight, I discovered the ONLY way to cook bacon...

The only thing that could have made this dangerous task less risky is if I could have gotten my hands on a beekeepers suit that would have allowed me total protection!

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