26 February 2013

A mom, her son, their dogs and ...

THEIR LAMB.  That's right...A Lamb.

This Saturday I went walking with my dog and my bonus dog, Hawk, at the park on their main walking trail.  I stopped the dogs along the trail to take their picture (because who doesn't take a picture on their walk?) Keva was sniffing rather interestedly towards the lower bike trail that was just to the side of us so I peeked over to see what she was so curious about. 
See how she's cranning her neck?  That's very unusual for her.
I couldn't quite tell what it was that I was seeing, but I knew that it did not move like a dog.  So we decided to check it out.  Granted, this might have been a rash choice since I wore walking shoes, not hiking shoes and the lower trail is quite a bit more "rugged".  It all paid off in the end though when we caught up to the lady, her son, their three border collies and their little baby lamb who thought he was a dog.  Cutest dang thing ever!
Keva and Hawk got the opportunity to sniff a sheep up close and personal (in the way only dogs can get personal) and I got the opportunity to dream about my future life with sheep and little lambs who are part of the family out for a stroll.


JHNickodemus said...

I love that I could just hear you saying (In a way only dogs can get personal.) Did the whole crew get along? You're right. The neck crane was unusual!

Tanya said...

Surprisingly, they all did great! I thought for sure someone would try to eat someone else but they did fine. It was a lot of fun to imagine me someday walking Keva and my lamb.

Maggie said...

Lucky dogs. Sorry you are still lambless.