06 February 2013

Mine, All Mine!

In order to support my spindling addiction, I purchased a few new bundles of fluff. (Don't worry, all but one of them was on super sale, which makes it even better!)  I love that the Etsy seller packaged it up like a present! 
This is the one that started the whole purchase.  Isn't she pretty!
 Since the seller was also having a destash of her unused fluff and I could "Save" on shipping if I bought more than one from the same seller, I decided to go ahead and buy this lovely red braid.
 And while I was at it, I threw the two braids of green and one of turquoise into my cart and thought I'd better call it good.  I can't wait to see what becomes of these!  I'm planning to spin one of them up for a Nerd Wars challenge having to do with the weather where I'm at, but other than that I'm not sure.
One small embarrasing confession though...My spinning wheel had a broken part on it and sat in my closet for almost a year.  And now I can't remember how to get started on spinning with it!  I feel confident that once I got started I'd be fine, but it's that whole getting started nonsense.  And I don't really want to tell any other spinners that I've forgotten how to start out spinning on a wheel lest they think I'm an idiot...which I kind of feel like I am...Oh dear.  What to do?


JHNickodemus said...

YouTube? I'm going to be borrowing a spinning wheel here in a bit! I'm going to be joining the ranks. Funny note: she asked if I weave too.

Anonymous said...

YouTube!! This is clearly too late, but I'm pretty sure everything can be youtubed. I am quite happy that you have been blogging, now I've to to get back to reading!! Miss you tons. Valpal