06 February 2013

Walk Down Memory Lane

My Aunt Lois and her son Max are in town from Olton, TX and Marin County, CA so today was a day for a meandering walk down memory lane. As background, my mom is a fifth generation Hanford, California girl. Although she grew up in Reedley, it was very important to her parents that she be born in Hanford. Today we visited the Selma Cemetary to visit my great-great-great (I think) grandfather Peter Bock.
Then we went to visit my great-greats Jacob and Ella Bock...who for some reason seem to be rolling in their graves (or maybe it's just that they're shocked at my lack of web skills)...

Then we went to visit my great grandparents Herman and Grace Harper.  I've heard so much about my mom's memories of her as a child--She LOVED spending time with her grandparents.

Then we were invited into the house where Aunt Lois and Grandpa Jim grew up, starting at ~age 3-4.  Seriously, the nicest lady...she didn't have to invite us into her home, but it totally made my mom's day.
We finished off our day driving through Hanford looking at all the old haunts of Aunt Lois and my grandpa and that my mom remembered visiting when she was a kid. Oh...And there was this:
Which I valiantly worked my way through... 
People around the world know about the best ice cream shop in Hanford, California.  I swear, you can be traveling in another country all together, mention Hanford and people ask about The Superior Dairy.  Best Ice Cream EVER.
On the way home everyone (except me...I was driving) fell asleep or at least rested their eyes.  This reminiscing is hard work!

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