15 March 2013

So much to learn...

My photography class started this week and I've already learned so much about my camera and about making it work for me instead of me holding it while it does whatever it wants to. I went all wild and crazy and instead of just choosing whether or not to use a flash, I turned it to manual and played around with shutter speeds. Wow! What a difference that can make. But good heavens do I have a lot to learn. Luckily I have a fantastically adorable and mostly willing practice subject.
And sometimes one who isn't given the choice. 
Most of my pictures don't look quite right...this one's a bit washed out, but it was too fun to document this moment when we got home from scootering to the library and Tyler wanted to read his new books out in the front yard.  Boy does this kid love to read!  He didn't even want to take off his helmet before he dove right in to his book about the American Revolution. 

He finally took enough of a break to look up and smile for me. 
In non-Tyler news, the guys at work found this fantastic hamburger joint near our office and we made an almost all office lunch event out of it.  A-Mazing!  The burger was perfect and the fries were delicious.  I will definitely be eating here again.  
I also stumbled upon Keva making use of the tent that I had set up in the playroom last weekend when he had a friend come over to spend the night. 


JHNickodemus said...

Wahooo! Yay for learning to use the camera! I'll get there someday! Mmmmm burger! I can just see keeva looking out the side of her eye thinking "If I don't look at her maybe she wont kick me out!"

Maggie said...

You're going to be able to take even better photos after your class! Sounds fun.

Tyler has wide ranging reading interests. Love the pic of him reading outside with his helmet still on.

Keva wanted a camp out too.