21 February 2013

Waffle Day

I can't remember how it came up in conversation, but I recently learned that my coworker, Erika, had never had a waffle. She'd had pancakes before, but never a waffle. Now, I know that they're made from similar batter, but I firmly believe that they are not interchangeable food. So I started a campaign. The "Feed Erika Waffles Campaign." Each new coworker I told about Erika's alarming lack of waffle-ness was just as shocked as I was. (Even Tyler, who asked why I was putting our waffle maker into the car, was shocked to learn that there was a person alive who had not had a waffle.) We decided to do a Waffle Wednesday lunch at work...but due to scheduling conflicts our Waffle Wednesday ended up taking place on Thursday. It was a huge hit! Maggie, Dan and I all brought in our waffle makers so we were able to wip out a ton of waffles at a time and they were oh so good!

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JHNickodemus said...

Oh how fun!! I totally would have crashed that one! You are correct. Waffles and pancakes are NOT interchangeable!