06 November 2008

Twilight Craze!

So, I thought I was above it...I scoffed at the people who told me that Twilight was a must read and stuck to my story--"Vampire stories are dumb. You will never catch me reading those books." Working at a junior high/high school with untold numbers of teenage girls all swooning over Edward the Vampire and Jacob Black made me laugh and think "I'm sooooo glad that's not me!" I even found out that they have "TEAM EDWARD" and "TEAM JACOB" t-shirts BUT!!! (you knew there was a but coming, right?) apparently I am incapable of sticking to my guns. Kim checked Twilight out from the library and I was forced to read it. She made me, I swear!! I was hooked. I feel like a junior high girl because even I am picking "Teams" (Go team Jacob!) even if I don't think I'll ever buy the shirt. One of the things that I find so fascinating about this Twilight Phenomenon (Craze!) is that it is so widespread. Even though I never thought there was a chance that I would read it, I was sucked in...I am even probably going to go to the movie (I've even been invited to the midnight showing, though I haven't decided yet if I'm going.) I found a pretty funny blog about it and now when my students are talking about it in class I feel a smug sense of being included; I know what they are talking about! There are 4 books in the saga and they are not tiny books...In the last week (Since Sunday) I have read the last three with the exception of the last 100 pages of the last book and I expect to have those completed by tonight :-) So.....You will understand if when I talk to you I say, "Hi. My name is Tanya and I read Twilight."


JHRME said...

I love it! I feel as though I might be next!

Anonymous said...

I hate it. This sounds very weird. You won't catch me reading this series!!!

Susan said...

I think it is cool that kids are finding something (anything) deeper than Captain Underpants to read! I also think that "social reading" or large group discussions of the written word is a move in the right direction. Go teachers!