29 November 2008

Almost done at B3...

We have been working over at the condo a LOT lately and we're now almost done! Cabinets are painted and have just gotten new knobs.
The whole place has been steamed to death. (Think Brocoli that is steamed beyond recognition.)

My Mancub watched his "namesake" movie.

The walls were painted and now we have replaced the towel bars ;-)

Dad tiled the bathroom floor (AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!!)

Yay Team B3!!!!!

(PLEASE NOTE: There are no pictures included of Kiki because she was at home preparing the rental contract and oddly enough did not think to set the timer to take a self-picture...I know...how wierd of her!)

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JHRME said...

Wow! Youve been working hard! Looks pretty good!