11 November 2008

Random Tyler

Who says rags are just for washing??? For Tyler's birthday, he received a beautiful turquoise towel and set of rags from Aunt Sue and Uncle George. Tyler has decided that the rags make awesome blankets for those blustery days when even your head gets chilly.
Tyler's school took a trip to the pumpkin patch and this is the pumpkin he picked out to bring home with him. He was Soooo proud of it!
Tyler took his pumpkin over to his Grandma Carol and Papa Dale's house and he worked diligently with his two cousins, Jacob and Mary, to carve a massive amount of pumpkins.
Tyler's old Crocs broke, so Papa Mike went to get him some new ones from REI. Tyler was so pleased with them that the first night he had them, he wanted to wear them to bed.

Tyler was Spider Man for Halloween and he wasn't too sure about the whole door to door aspect of Trick-Or-Treating...but he was quite sure he enjoyed people giving him candy...


Anonymous said...

Glad you took a photo of Tyler wearing his new shoes to bed!

Anonymous said...

He definitely looks like a rag-a-muffin in the top picture.

Anonymous said...

What about his awesome dad that helped him carve his pumpkin! ;)