22 January 2009

Oh Tyler love...

...you crack me up!!!

Yesterday Tyler and I were on the trampoline jumping our hearts out and I asked him (as I often do...) "Tyler, have I told you today how much I love you?"

Tyler: "No Mom. You didn't, but I already know...you love me this much" (said while holding his thumb and finger about a half an inch apart).

Me: "No, I love you this much" (said while holding my arms out as far as I could reach of course)..."and I think you're something special!"

Tyler: "Mom...are you going to keep me? or sell me??"

Umm...now, this comment, while TOTALLY cracking me up, requires a bit of back story before someone calls CPS...(tangent: is CPS still called CPS anymore???)

Whenever I tell Tyler that I think he's pretty special I also tell him that I think I'll keep him...but sometimes I tease him and tell him that I'm going to sell him...

Apparently he really does listen to me when I talk! Who knew???

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