22 January 2009

25 Things About Me...

Ok, this is totally for Cindy because I can't resist a challenge!
1. My favorite ice cream is Thrifty's brand Chocolate Malted Crunch

2. I cannot stand the yellow yolk part of a fried egg to be even the slightest bit runny...eeew...

3. I am the most outgoing, yet intensly private person I know

4. I have never flown in a helocopter but I used to dream of piloting them.

5. I almost went into the military, but can't stand having people tell me what to do.

6. I go through "hair cycles"...I cut it super short, then grow it super long, then cut it, then grow it...vicious I tell you!

7. My son is my world

8. I watched the reality show "Farmer Wants a Wife" because it cracked me up!

9. I love smoked Gouda Cheese, but hate "un"-smoked Gouda Cheese

10. I would love to have a long haired dog, but only because I would love to spin its fur into yarn

11. I really love my Philosophy of Education statement that I wrote to include in my resume packet

12...Dang, are we there yet? I don't miss my "party" years of college, but sometimes I miss the freedom from responsibility that I had back then...

13. I tan super easily, but don't burn much

14. I was a bando in high school and I loved it!

15. I use my "mennonite-ness" as an excuse to not dance...because I suck!

16. I love to slow dance

17. I had over 1500 text messages in my last cell phone billing cycle...someone may need to stage an intervention...

18. I am not ashamed to have listened to country music my whole life

19. I love yellow roses

20. I learned how to knit on my 28th B-Day from my cousin Jessica

21. My fiirst job was at Camelot Park...we had to answer the phone "Hi, we're having fun at Camelot Park, this is Tanya, how can I help you?" Umm...why did people always feel the need to ask me if I was really having fun?

22. I love the smell and feel of line dried sheets

23. I would rather walk around a casino looking for loose change that people have dropped than to gamble away my hard earned money

24. If I ever had a daughter, her name would be Michaela Grace...even if someone else in my family had the same name...I have no problem "sharing" a name with someone else...

25. I prefer not to wear dresses.

Whew...I did it! Cindy Walking, I did this for you, but since I took the time, I'm going to share it with the world :-)

1 comment:

Annie said...

Fun to read and learn some new things about you. You are definitely the most outgoing and intensely private person I know.