13 January 2009

Keep your eyes peeled...

...for a huge picture of my eyes on fresno.craigslist.org...I have been going for about 3 years to a fabulous esthetician for my "brow maintenance" (which, if anyone has any doubts about the necessity of this, please stay tuned!) She was commenting to me at my last appointment that she keeps meaning to take before and after pictures of her clients since she does a lot of advertising on Craigslist and before/after pictures are very effective. I laughed and told her that I carry my camera with me everywhere and she should take my before/afters since it was always such a dramatic change. She, of course, thought that this was a fantastic idea and so...I'm going to be semi-famous...well, at least my brows will be! So, if you are searching the Craigslist advertisements for estheticians, look for my eyes!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tricky to comment on this..... If I say..... WOW! The after pic is really awesome..... it kinda sounds like you looked horrible before. If I say..... hmmmm, not much difference - you might wonder why you would get the beauty treatment. OR, you might wonder if my eyesight is failing.