19 January 2013

New year, new effort

Once again, I have had an extended break from blogging and will make a feeble attempt at catching up on nearly a year of life. Since it's a ton of stuff, I will do a photo post.

I did a LOT of knitting...most of it for Nerd Wars on Ravelry.

Tyler and I went camping. Much of our time was spent like this:

Grandma came to visit and Ty had a great time snuggling her.

Tyler started karate and is now an orange belt. He also lost 4 teeth.

I have continued my Doctor Who obsession and picked up a Sherlock (BBC). One of the guys at the office asked me if I was a hipster(apparently due to the fact that I like a few shows that seem to be quite popular right now). Another of the guys told me I'm not cool enough to be a hipster. I'm not sure how to take that. .

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JHNickodemus said...

I'm catching up too. Love that Eiffel Tower Project!