24 January 2013

Life Long Learner

One of the things that I loved about teaching was that it allowed me to constantly learn new things.  New ways to teach something, new topics (AVID was great for this!), new management styles.  Every week, something exciting to delve into. 

Recently at my office, the engineers have been on a kick to get their required/updated certifications so there is frequent talk of studying.  It made me kinda nostalgic.  I had a pang of sadness for my lack of interesting lectures and discussions about new ideas.  I was sad that although I continue to learn new things about spinning, weaving, knitting, cooking, household management, etc., I don't have a whole lot of personal interaction with other people who are also learning new things.  (I have kinda slacked off on my knitting group attendance due to holiday craziness and illness.)  It was gently pointed out to me that I don't have to go back to school full time to have that same kind of engaging learning and fresh outlook. 

Gah!  Why do I forget things like that?!?  So, rather than hem and haw about how I wish I could learn something new, I decided to sign up for an online photography class I've been wanting to take for several years.  I am not the best photographer, but it's something that I am interested in becoming better at.  I purchased a new camera about a year ago, but haven't used it to its full potential.  I'm excited to try something new and hopefully be challenged to be more creative.  If nothing else, I'll likely get some good pictures of Ty out of the bargain. 

So...Here's to trying new things.  Learning new things. 

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JHNickodemus said...

Ooooh! How fun! Cant wait to see your practice!