12 March 2010

A Room With a View

Tyler and I have a morning routine that, while not perfect, works for us. You see, if he wakes up before my alarm clock goes off in the morning, he gets to watch an episode of "Curious George" in the living room while I go back to sleep for another 25 minutes. I know...it's not going to win me Mother of the Year awards, but a girl needs her sleep. So this morning, Tyler woke up at 6:24...my alarm is set for 6:55. Yipee! for George. I stumble out to the living room, choose a random episode from the Replay line up and make my way back to bed. Fast forward to 6:55 and we repeat the process of me stumbling out of bed...still in my sleep clothes, no glasses/contacts on, brain not engaged...and I make my way to the kitchen to put on the toast for breakfast. I grab a bowl of frozen corn and bring it to Tyler in the living room and head back to the kitchen to finish the toast...as I start walking from the living room to the kitchen and my fuzzy brain begins to pick up on clues I should have seen before I notice this:

Yep...an open window. It is important to mention that when I said "sleep clothes" before, I meant a shirt that comes to my waist and some dainties. It's also important to mention that I have a neighborhood that is very active, very early in the morning. When I asked (screeched?) Tyler, "Did you open the window?!?" He calmly replied that he "needed to open it to see Lightening". While, I am not sure if any of my neighbors also got a peek at "lightening" this morning, I do know that I am going to have a difficult time meeting my neighbors' eyes the next time I see them.

In other news, Tyler is becoming quite the gymnast. He's been going to Break the Barriers for about a year now and really enjoys it. He recently got a blue ribbon and moved up one level!

So we popped up the road to Starbucks to celebrate with donuts and chocolate milk.


Anonymous said...

So, were you thunderstruck when you saw the open window? or did you streak like lightening?

Tanya said...

Actually, I was dumbfounded. And probably still mostly asleep. I dropped to the ground and cursed my luck.