17 March 2010

Kiss me! I'm Irish-ish!!

Today is the day for green clothes, green shamrock pins, garish green plastic bowler hats, and for some, green beer. Tyler's school is even having green pancakes for their morning snack. I have been scouring the internet for several years looking for a shirt to wear on this day that goes a step beyond "Kiss me, I'm Irish". Somewhere back through the years on the Harper side, according to Aunt Lois, there were Irish ancestors--Harper is a sept of Clan Buchanan after all. However, I am so much more than just Irish...so I consider myself to be "Irish-ish"...unfortunately, so far, I have been unable to locate a shirt with this exact phrase on it...I suppose I'm going to have to trot out my crafty side and create the dang thing for myself. The really funny thing about St. Patrick's Day is that it makes me feel awkward about listening to Celtic music and it makes me feel like a poser for wearing a celtic knot necklace, even though I listen to this music all year round and wear some type of celtic knot necklace nearly every day.


Needles And Ewe said...

So too bad I got excited when I read your post title and thought, "She found a shirt with Irish-ish...finally!" Oh well, I think you should make it, or get one like Victoria's (though not so torn up and grungy).

On the necklaces, just blame them on me and say I'll cry if you don't wear the one I gave you ;)

Anonymous said...

Perfect T-shirt phrase for people who fall anywhere along the continuum of fully Irish to anything but Irish. Being Irish can be genetic, a frame of mind, or an exploration.