10 March 2010


While we were reading about the Clever Little Penguin in Audrey Wood's, Little Penguin's Tale, Tyler told me, "Mom, I'm more clever than a lion or a tiger or any other animal or person." It made me think about Yarn Harlot/Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Twitter on 3/2/10 that said "I guess I'm glad that she's clever, but damn. Wouldn't it be easier to raise kids who were just dim enough to be malleable?"

I think that I am in for years of laughter/frustration with this clever child. Already I find myself needing to be super analytical of anything that he says to me so that I can try desperately to remain 2 (3 would be even better) steps ahead of him down whichever primrose path he is trying to lead.

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Anonymous said...

You are in the chess game of your life, like all mommies of smart kids. Enjoy.