22 February 2010

D & D

No, not Dungeons and Dragons...not Do Not Disturb. Nope...In the method most favored by bachelors, college students, teen agers, widowers and many other population groups, this weekend, I have resorted to the D & D Style of Laundry. It looks a wee bit like this...

In case you are unfamiliar with this exceptional display, this is the Dump and Dig Style. For the very astute amongst you, you will have already noticed that these are all the things--towels, rags, jeans, socks, "dainties", etc.--that do NOT need to be wrinkle-free. Rest assured, the work clothes are all hung in the closet to remain presentable for work; however, I plan to work very hard to diminish this pile throughout the course of this week. I figure that between Tyler and me, wearing 2 socks each, one pair of "unmentionables", using a few rags per day, etc., we should be able to make this pile disappear by Thursday at the very latest!

Instead of folding, sorting, and putting away laundry, I plan to continue on with some more of this:

and a lot of this:

This little beauty is my NON-Knitting Olympics Olympic Knitting project. Because I know now that my mind rebels against a knitting deadline, I have chosen instead to not give myself a deadline....but I still plan to be finished with Sexy Vesty by the time the torch for this years' Winter Games is out. Yeah, it is possible to play mind games with yourself...

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JHRME said...

I have a pile like that. It went from my bed to the chair back to the bed, back to the chair, and over this time pieces have fallen to the floor at which point I can no longer tell WHAT is clean and what is dirty. Urgh.I guess I better go take care of that.