25 December 2008

It's JUST what I always wanted!!!

This is the phrase heard most often coming out of Tyler's mouth on Christmas morning as he opened his Christmas presents. He alternated between this one and "Oh Cool!" or "Oh Neat!" WHO teaches this child these phrases and their correct usage and inflection!?! He was cracking everyone up with his reactions to presents. Papa Dale and Grandma Carol got Tyler his own tool set.

Among other things, Grandma Maggie and Papa Mike got Tyler an Optimus Prime Transformer. How Tyler knows about Transformers, I'm not sure...he's never seen the show, movie, etc. but he loves them!

One thing that was hilarious was when Tyler opened a present that was wrapped in a box that origionally had a dish washing rack. He saw the picture of the rack on the box and asked what it was. When he learned that the box was for a washing rack, he said, "Hmmm..." and turned to move on to the next gift without opening the box. He wasn't even going to give it the time of day!

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JHRME said...

Awww, Who doesnt want a dish drying rack?