25 December 2008

Countdown Chocolates

This year, Mom and Dad bought Ty a chocolate advent calendar from Trader Joe's, but as they were on vacation, it was a little delayed. We told Tyler that every day he'd get a chocolate and then when the chocolates were all gone, it would be time for Christmas. Small problem: because we started late, the chocolates would not be done by Christmas. Bigger problem: Tyler remembered every chocolate he had eaten and would have easily noticed if I had "equalized" the amount of chocolates with the amount of days left before Christmas. Solution?? We started a new tradition this year that I REALLY like. Each day, Tyler would get to choose 2 Chocolates--one for himself and one to give away to someone else of his choice. I felt that this would be good practice for him giving things to other people (especially things that he really wanted for himself) and teach him to have a generous spirit. One thing that made me happy to see was when he was very careful to make sure everyone around him had the opportunity to share the chocolate love!

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