07 December 2008

And they all went Wii Wii Wiii all the way home!

For her birthday, my mom received a Wii and also the Wii Fit/sport games. It was decided that a Wii night was in order. We played Golf, Baseball, bowling, tennis, we skiied, bounced soccer balls off our heads, and hula hooped...Sadly, there are no pictures of the hula hooping (although, I was REALLY getting into it!) One of my favorite parts was how adventurous Kim was with her golf strategy...Water? NO problem, she can make it over! Sand Bar? Don't even worry about it...The other very exciting part about Wiing the night away is disovering you have muscles you thought you had banished from your life forever...especially when they remind you of their presence in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep!

(please note the time--we really did Wii the night away!)

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