29 June 2008

Two weeks of bliss!

Through a stroke of someone else's bad fortune, but my good fortune, I will be spending two whole (consecutive) weeks up at Lakeview Cottages with my mom managing the camp. I know...you're thinking, "Umm...they put her in charge of boats???" But really I'm quite good at it (if I do say so my self) and so far the only bad thing about the boats is that someone re-claimed their super cool kayak before I had a chance to test drive it. The first day here (Saturday) was spent reacquainting ourselves with the wonderful things we had missed in the three weeks since we were here last. Tyler found tree trunks to walk on...

We threw sticks into the lake...(please note the red kayak that I almost got to use)

We made S'Mores...(everyone knows the chocolate goes on the outside of the cracker and then you squish the marshmellow, right?)

Look for more updates on our adventures and also photographic evidence that Kim and I were canoe-ers...(is that a word?)...

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