23 June 2008

"Is that for boys?"

Even a two year old can tell a difference!
This weekend we were at Target and while I was checking out, my mom took Tyler to use the restroom. As they were getting ready to go into the women's room, Tyler looked at the sign on the door and said, "Gramma, is this on for boys?" When my mom told him that no, this was the girl's bathroom, he went straight over to the men's room, pushed the door open and got down to business. Now, it's great that my son is independent and confident in his "abilities"; however, there were other men in the men's room and that little detail prevented me from racing in after him. I stood at the door, pushed it open a crack with my toe and hollered for Ty. A Target employee came to the door and said, "Ummm...He's in the stall and he's already started." At this point I hear Tyler's little voice say, "MOM!! I did it!" I was still waiting outside the door and out walks another man who I swear is trying not to laugh (but I have to tell you, he was not trying hard enough!) and right after that Tyler came to the door with his pants and unders around his ankles and his shirt tucked up under his chin...The funniest thing in the world! I guess my little boy is growing up, but it's dang inconvenient as a mom who takes her son places alone a lot and cannot go into the men's room!

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Anonymous said...

I'd go if I was invited!!!! I miss my boy ;)