19 January 2012

A Legal Weapon....

Before Christmas, my mom asked Tyler what he wanted from her and Papa Mike. He very charmingly told her that he would like a snake. Although my dad's eyes lit up at that idea, cousin/roomie Jessica's eyes did not. So the idea of a snake as a pet was put on a back burner for a few months whilst we have a non-snake-loving member of the household.

Not too long after, we started tossing around the idea of getting a dog. I went online and did all the "What kind of dog is right for me?" Tests and found that perhaps a Beagle could work well for us...not so big that Tyler gets knocked over, but not so small that I can transport my dog in a purse (and certainly not taking it to Starbucks...Seriously! There must be some health code violation there.) I decided to ask Tyler if he could only pick ONE or the other, would he rather have a snake or a dog. His reply had me laughing hard. "Mom, I would pick BOTH. I would get a poisonous snake so that he could protect my dog and you if someone tried to break into our house." Ummm...But Tyler what about you? Won't he protect you too? "Nope. I know martial arts. I'm already a legal weapon." Oh my humble son cracks me up. Doesn't he look smug?

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