12 August 2011

Xue Xiao 2011

Tyler had an amazing opportunity this summer to attend a one week Chinese School. I think of it like a Chinese Culture VBS. This year the theme was Chinese Games so the kids learned Chinese Jump Rope, Chinese YoYo, martial arts, jacks and shuttlecock. They also learned about various cultural aspects of Chinese--a bit of the language, stories, history, songs, etc.

At first, I was a little hesitant to sign him up because the kids would be there from 6pm-830pm. Tyler's normal bedtime is 7pm. However, he was quite insistent that he really wanted to participate so we signed him up and I'm so glad we did. He had a fabulous time! He was so enthusiastic about all of the activities that he got to try and would chatter the whole way home about the new things he had learned.

One night I decided to stay a little late (rather than simply dropping him off) to see what they were doing. I was approached by several people who told me (without Tyler there with me--apparently my blond hair blue eyed kid stood out in the group) how well behaved Tyler was and one lady mentioned that she was impressed with the "intense focus" that Tyler had for all the lessons. Turns out, if he's really interested in something, Tyler can give things his full attention without acting like a squirrely boy for a long stretch of time.

He asked me one night if he would be able to go to the Xue Xiao again next year. When I said yes, his reply was, "Oh good, because I already told them I'd be there!"


JHRME said...

Intense focus! We can see that look on his face! Makes me think specialized education isn't such a bad idea! :)

Maggie said...

I didn't know It was his idea to go. He did really have a great time there.