07 August 2011

Stashy Sunday

I once read an article all about stash. The basic premise of which stated that some people collect rocks, some prefer stamps or coins, others still choose dolls or sports trading cards. Many crafters choose to collect a STASH. When I began knitting and quilting, I took this article as a mantra. A hearty approval of my choice in collections. A suitable way to show my true devotion to the craft. As such, I have worked hard for about 2 years to "build the stash" (although, let's be real here...it was not at all hard work and more about "Oooooo! I LOVE that! I must have it for myself!").

However...I have a new incoming roomie who also knits and quilts and has her own stash. Since we're going to be sharing a craft room, I feel an urgent need to challenge myself to "Craft from the stash" instead of adding to the stash.

Of course, the instant I began contemplating this challenge, I had a perverse need to buy two new skeins of yarn...Yeah. I know--I'm a loon! Anyways--starting from NOW I am going to challenge myself to see how many weeks I can go knitting just from stash yarns. I have a lot of really nice yarns that I had completely forgotten about! I was sorting through bins of yarn looking for a certain one and it was like falling in love all over again. I'm not calling this a "stash diet" as some would, simply because I know that then I would feel like it was hopeless and I should just give in now. So instead, I am making it a loose agreement with myself (and my blog reading accountability group) to just give it a go and see where it takes me!

In the spirit of my first Stashy Sunday, I have a project to show you! I've been knitting up some really lovely yarn that I got about two and a half years ago--back when I was a super new knitter and I ran into a lovely indie yarn dyer at Starbucks. She sent her husband home to get some yarns to let us buy from her and I found several skeins that were just to my liking. I knit the first one into a pair of socks, but the others have just sat languishing in my stash. Well! Languish no longer! Instead one is quickly turning into a "Hitchhiker" scarf. I love it!


girlyhurley said...

So pretty! I've decided to not be a stasher. . . partially because I have too many hobbies! I would need another house! Can't wait to see what you make!

JHRME said...

Ah! That is really cute! I've been working under a similar mantra. We can be a team!

Maggie said...

Stashes are fun... They can get out of hand. I support your stash self control.