29 July 2011

Dress Code

Here's one of the "dangers" of going sample sale shopping with people that you work with. Every now and then you show up to work with the same shirt on as your coworker. Unfortunately, I didn't get one of these same shirts or else we could have written it up into our dress code!

And, as fun as it is to have two coworkers dressed alike, it is nowhere near as fun as the time when we were touring Europe and five out of the seven of us assembled in the lobby of our hotel wearing VERY similar outfits and didn't even notice until we were walking in a line down the streets of London. (Give us a break--we were very tired and it was very early.)


JHRME said...

Haha yay for matching Outfits! I never knew sample sales came with two of a kinds!

Needles And Ewe said...

Yeah, they sometimes had extras in non-sample sizes that went into production but never quite made it to the store. Tan, you forget that I noticed but had no other clean clothes to change into and you and Mom just laughed.