05 January 2010

I should put my socks in water

So, Grandma moved to Idaho. Did you know it snows there in the winter? I am firmly convinced that she did not take this into account when deciding to move there, since nobody in their right mind wants to live in a place where it snows and she's very smart...obvious conclusion? She must not have known about the snow. Well, I decided that someone who is living in a snowy place and who perpetually has cold feet (ok, really, a cold body) NEEDS some wool socks. And since I'm waaaay to big for my britches and had already nearly completed one sock I thought I should just whip her up a pair of blue socks for Christmas. Right...I said whip...(Please stop laughing so that you can continue on with the story of the Idaho Socks.)

I started the first sock in September and thought I'd have plenty of time. I read tales about people who "whip up" a pair of socks each month in between all their other committments so I thought I could surely finish one measly pair within a 4 month stretch. (Are you sensing a theme here, when you read the previous post in conjunction with this one?) I finished the first sock (after some intense, child free, committment free knitting time up at Lakeview)

and cast on for the second. You know the part of the movie "Finding Nemo" where Dorie sings, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." Yeah, that's how I felt with these socks. If I just kept knitting, surely they'd be done before Christmas! Well, they didn't...but they were done by the day after Christmas and Grandma loved them. In fact, when I had only one completed (and was working on the other) I gave her the first one to try on and see if she liked it...She forgot she even had it on and was wearing one blue handknit sock and one black store bought sock all day and only found the mis-match when she went to change for bed!!

(Post Title chosen by a 4 year old helper when I asked what I should call my story about socks)


JHRME said...

Haha I wondered where you were going with the title! Great socks! You are quite the accomplished knitter!

Maggie said...

Awesome socks.