01 December 2009

Flash Update

So, I've realized I'm a bad blogger. I would like to say that I feel remorse, but in all honesty, I have not had the energy at the end of the day to do much more than check a few websites and other people's blogs before my brain shuts down. Sooo....Instead of trying to go back and recreate a ton of catch up posts that are witty and clever, while trying to remember what happened when, I will do a flash update in this one post and then move forward with (hopefully) more posting regularity. I like to think of it as my rebirth in the blogging world, much like when you accept Christ as THE Saviour and then move forward with your new life.

Things that have happened in the last 6 months:
1. I made an offer on several condos, and a house
2. My offers were rejected on several condos
3. My offer was ACCEPTED on a house (it was a short sale, which anyone who has done anything with real estate knows means it could be a loooong sale)
4. I spent 2 weeks at Lakeview Cottages at Huntington Lake helping my mom (and dad) manage the camp. I was in charge of the "man" jobs like boats, handyman/supply restocking, raking, etc. while my dad had to be at home keeping the business in hand.
5. In July I closed escrow on a lovely little house in Pinedale
6. In August, I moved into my new house and have spent quite a few evenings and weekends getting things set up to my liking.
7. In September, I started back to school with subbing and then was also offered a position as an English Language Intervention teacher. I had this same job last year, but they weren't sure they would have the funding for it this year.
8. In late September and early October, we spent most weekends at Lakeview.
9. The first weekend in October (well, Thursday-Sunday) was QUILT CAMP! at Camp Keola.
10. The Friday of Quilt Camp I received a call that Tyler had Chicken Pox.
11. Middle of October we went to DISNEYLAND for our last trip using our Annual Passes. We had a great time there, but Tyler is at the age where he is a little nervous (translation: terrified) about going on some of the rides. He really likes to see them, but mostly from afar. Dumbo goes too fast, but he likes to watch others on it. Buzz is one of his favorite characters, but the Buzz ride is too scary...you get the idea.
12. In November, Grandma Darlene came to visit from Idaho. We had a great time hanging out and visiting. She also helped me to decorate my house in a much better way.
13. Now it's December and we'll see what happens.

So...there's the flash update. If you thought it was boring to read, you can tell yourself that it's only going to get better because now I'll be able to start writing with more detail...I might even go back and throw in some pictures here and there :-)

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JHRME said...

Thanks for that update! It seems like all that has gone by super fast! Hard to believe it adds up to be so big!